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¡¤  The define of Special Purpose Vehicles  (2006-8-10) 
¡¤   Dongfeng Crazy Soldier  (2006-8-10) 
¡¤   The Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturing Industry report features 2007 current and 2008 forecast   (2007-8-10) 
¡¤  Most listed automakers report better-than-expected results  (2007-8-30) 
¡¤  China¡¯s auto output, sales both to hit record 9m units in 2007  (2006-8-9) 
¡¤  Car Makers Told to Build Brands  (2007-9-12)
¡¤  China to raise threshold on car exports   (2007-9-12)
¡¤  China¡¯s Beiqi Foton Motor said it had sealed a 105-million-dollar share sale to DaimlerChrysler  (2007-8-13)
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